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Sequel 6151 Lift Desk

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Chocolate Stained Walnut
Natural Walnut
Sequel 6151
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      An electronically powered, adjustable standing — or sitting — desk with height memory settings and zero-tolerance for cable visibility.

      Sequel 6151 Lift Desk

      Taking the concept of a sit+stand desk to a new level, the Sequel Lift Desk combines innovation and styling to create a one-of-a-kind workspace. Whether you are embracing the health benefits of a versatile desk or are just looking to create an impressive office full of user-friendly features, the Lift Desk will elevate any workday.

      Work Smart. Work Healthy. 

      The dangers of sitting for long stretches of time have come into focus recently, with extended periods of sitting leading to increased risks of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and back pain. Meanwhile, studies have shown that extended periods on your feet can lead to other problems such as swollen ankles, varicose veins and knee & joint pain.

      The Sequel Lift Desk is the best of both worlds. The desk’s adjustable height allows you to keep yourself in motion with periods of sitting and standing throughout the workday. Combining beautiful styling, thoughtful engineering and ergonomic design, the Sequel sit+stand desk provides the versatility and movement that every workday requires.

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